Vermilion Lakes, BanffThis is my favorite type of photography. I enjoy getting out to seldom visited locations but also have a few photos from understandably popular tourist destinations such as Lake O’Hara and Vermilion Lakes. While the subject is for the most part stationary, the right type of lighting and weather is beyond the photographer’s control. It is truly amazing how quickly the best light passes during a sunrise or a sunset or how difficult it is to manage the controls on a camera during a cold Canadian winter.


The Treasury, Petra, JordanThis gallery title is used loosely. My favorite type of architecture are old buildings, castles and ruins, lit with dramatic sunrise or sunset light or in the foreground of ominous clouds. These sites often dictate the choice of country or destination in my travels. There are many more I have to add to this gallery, though I find I take so many photos while traveling that I put off the digital processing for a long time.


Jagdish Temple, Udaipur, RajasthanPeople photography has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I am fairly introverted and it is a little intimidating to point the camera towards a stranger. While traveling, I have encountered people who do not want their photo taken or ask for money in return. Sometimes I will try to get a photo while remaining unnoticed, other times I have just asked if the subject would mind their photo being taken. The latter does not always produce the genuine product a photographer looks for and may result in the subject asking for a monetary tip. Generally a few coins will do.


Good planning and the right type of equipment is a must for this type of photography. I rarely go out with the plan to take animal photos, but this is something I would like to do more often down the road. Most of these photos were unplanned or taken with the animal inside an enclosure.