Day 4: More Moai

Hotuiti Moai

This morning was challenging. I woke up pretty sore from the bike ride and sun burns. The shower was cold, but I didn’t mind that too much. Morning light makes for good photos, so I wasted no time getting on the bike and peddling along the south coast.

The road isn’t too bad and is mostly paved. The parts that aren’t are pretty bumpy. There are lots of hills and on one of those hills I realized that using a bike to get around was a terrible idea. I turned around and rode back to town, where I exchanged my bike for a scooter. This was the way to go! What took me over an hour with the bike was only fifteen minutes or less with a scooter.

I stopped at many spots to take photos and admire the scenery. There are many Moai along this road, unfortunately they are not in very good condition. Earthquakes, tsunamis and possibly tribal warfare, have resulted in many fallen Moai.

I followed the road to its end, where I found a beautiful beach. Too bad I forgot my swimming shorts. Tomorrow I may try to do some hikes.

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    • Marko says:

      Yeah it’s pretty interesting how big some of the Moai are. There was a new documentary talking about a new theory of how they were moved, starting a momentum with rope and then walking it to its destination.

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