Day 8: Getting to Aguas Calientes

The Andes

The last time I woke up was on Nov. 25, 4:00 am to get the star photos I posted earlier. I then boarded the plane on Easter Island around 6:30 pm and arrived in Lima just before midnight. My next flight would be to Cusco on Nov. 26, 5:40 am. I stayed up all night drinking coffee and tea at the airport’s Starbucks.

My flight to Cusco was on time. I arrived in Cusco around 7:00 am, hopped into a Taxi to Poroy and boarded a 3.5 hour train to Aguas Calientes. It’s now 1:30 pm and I’m only a short walk from Machu Picchu.

This transition didn’t leave me much time for photos. I had a window seat to Cusco and took some photos of the mountains we flew over.

While this was a long leg, I met some great people along the way. In Lima I met a guy who has retired and has been traveling South America since July. He looks like he’s in his mid 30s! On the train I met several other travelers and spent most of the ride talking with Urs and Sabin from Switzerland, Junior from Brazil and Naoki from Japan. We had some good conversation and they kept me awake until Aguas Calientes.

Tomorrow I’ll look to go up Machu Picchu. The forecast is calling for rain, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for some good conditions.

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