Whole Lotta Levada

25 Fontes

It was an exiting day for Amelie yesterday and she has turned in early. The writing duties have fallen to me.

Today was a relaxing day. We had one main goal, the levadas of Rabacal. We mentioned levadas in a previous post. They are concrete irrigation channels that wind down the mountains of the island. Many are used as hiking trails and there are over 2,000 km of them! The levadas at Rabacal are probably the most popular. Our drive there should have been a short ordeal, but a closed road just minutes from the trail head had us driving to the north west tip of the island for an alternate route. It was a very scenic alternate route!

There were only two cars in the parking lot when we arrived, and we had much of the levada trails to ourselves. The channel for these levadas were much deeper than the previous one we saw. We even saw fish swimming about! Moss covered much of the routes and trees provided a canopy. Walking along these channels was very calming.

Our first stop was a 200 meter waterfall, which fed the Levada do Risco. I was quite excited to see it, yet my attention was quickly taken away by the Madeiran Chaffinches, one of the island’s many song birds. They flocked to us in great numbers, no doubt looking for food. Lush greenery, giant waterfalls, fish in the water and song birds in the air — it was a scene out of Snow White. We continued on to the Levada das 25 Fontes. This was the gem of the hike. A beautiful pond surrounded by multiple waterfalls. Amelie had lunch here while I took hundreds of photos.

Realizing we had spent most of the day walking in this valley, we returned to the car and drove out for one more sight. We wanted to see a couple of impressive rock pinnacles jutting out of the ocean at the town of Ribeira da Janela along the north coast. The sun was setting and after a short walk along the coast and a few pictures of the rock pinnacles, we drove back to our hotel.

Tonight we treated ourselves to a nice traditional Portuguese dinner. Amelie had a goat stew, while I had deer from the Portuguese mountains. It was a great meal and we left very full. One of these dishes was enough for two!

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  1. Rose says:

    Hi Marko and Amelie- Congrats again, so happy for you both. Enjoying your blog writings and all the wonderful pictures. Which I had you both of you as a tour guide. Feels like I am there with you, seen everything through your descriptions and pictures. Close my eyes and I can feel like I there. Great Job and Have a wonderful vacation. I’ll continue to read and enjoy. Love Rose

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