Dona Anna Beach in Lagos

The metro in Lisbon is immaculate and very easy to use. Generally, it has been reliable…until today. We left with plenty of time to take the metro to the bus station. One stop before we had to get off the metro, it stopped. We sat there for about 30 minutes, until we only had 15 minutes before our pre-booked bus to Lagos was scheduled to leave. We made a last minute decision to run out of the metro and flag a cab. Imagine us, with our packs, yelling and running after cabs. Luckily Marko was able to communicate where we wanted to go in some creative Portuguese. It worked, we made it to the bus station on time! We arrived  in Lagos after a 3 hour and 30 minute bus ride. 

I was a little lethargic from the bus ride.  Fortunately, I perked up after visiting a beach right across from the hotel. What beautiful little beach!  It was too cold to swim but we had the beach to ourselves. I searched for shiny pink shells while Marko took photos. After our quick beach trip, we got in our rental car and drove along the cost toward the south western tip of Portugal. Along the way, we stopped at another peaceful little beach. The Algarve is a nice change of pace; it’s relaxing to watch the waves. We finished the day taking photos of the sun going down on the coast of Sagres. 

So far, relative to Madeira, driving in the Algarve has been much easier. The streets are wider and more straight…and not up a mountain.

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