Algarve Cliffs & Beaches

Sunrise at Ponta da Piedade

Driving along the southwestern coast of the Algarve, we stopped at look-offs and beaches along the way. We visited cute  little beaches hidden between cliffs, and beautiful wide beaches accessible from the highway. Marko only took us down one questionable dirt road in the rental car.

The  beaches were fantastic but I’ll remember the cliffs more vividly.  It was very windy along the coast. It was a bit cold but the huge waves crashing on the cliffs provided dramatic entertainment. We could feel the spray and taste the salt. Sometimes the spray made fleeting rainbows. 

The sand was finer and had fewer shells than the beach in Lagos.  I think the lack of shells was probably because these beaches were on the open ocean and had very powerful tides and waves. We did see cuttlefish bones, which was interesting to me because I hadn’t seen them before.  The sad part is that almost every breach we visited had little bits of plastic garbage washed up on the sand. It really makes me think about how much garbage is in the world’s oceans. 

We found another hotel with a great breakfast here in Lagos. There were bacon and eggs, fresh breads, cold cuts and cheeses. They also included a table with Portuguese flavours: fresh Portuguese sweets,  figs, nuts, octopus, sardines and even sardine pate. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Lagos and our last day of the trip. I’m sad the trip is almost over but I’m looking forward to getting back home. 

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