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Although Madeira is part of Portugal, it feels like we had two very different trips. Madeira was definitely a highlight. It offers a lot of natural beauty, from plants to landscapes. It has been a lot of fun to hike and of course it will be a place we will always remember.

Portugal’s mainland had a different energy. We didn’t have the best weather and the holiday time made travel a bit harder, however, we tried not to let that stop us and we enjoyed all the sights that we took in. Amelie’s highlight was Sintra. I really enjoyed Porto. Obidos is up there too. For landscapes, the Algarve was hard to beat.

Portuguese people were very friendly and many speak English. In times where we’ve asked for assistance, people went a step further in helping us, often making sure we got on the right train or bus, or headed in the right direction. The population is quite diverse, with many immigrants from former Portuguese colonies.

Our best meals were at a restaurant in Madeira. We realy enjoyed the goat stew. Most other meals were pretty basic, something in the way of sandwiches, as we tried to save money. I did indulge in pastries. My favorite was the pastel de nata, an egg tart pastry, found in every bakery and often served at breakfast at the hotels we stayed at.

Transportation was interesting on this trip. We rented a car in Madeira and used it the whole time we were there. On mainland Portugal, we found getting around by train and bus pretty straight forward. Lisbon’s metro was pretty smooth, aside from one incident. We might not have rented a car in Algarve if transit was not affected by holidays.

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  1. Michael Noonan says:

    Our friends Jeff and Adrienne loved those pastries. And the wine. 🙂 Sounds like a great trip and we’ve enjoyed the photos and blog. Inspires us for our Irish journey next summer. Safe travels home!

  2. Rose says:

    Thanks for your blog, I really enjoyed reading about your travels and the pictures are gorgeous. As I was reading and looking at the beautiful pictures, I sometimes found myself lost in dreamland. Congrats again on your engagement. Have a safe trip back home and all the Best in 2014. Happy New Year.

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