Day 1: Getting To Venice

Flying to Venice over the Alps

The flight from Calgary to Amsterdam went by quickly thanks to two meals and the inflight video games. I now remember how much I like Tetris (thank you KLM). Unfortunately I still have to forgive Marko for beating me in multiplayer mode so many times.

We landed in Amsterdam around 8:00 am local time; which would be 1:00 am Calgary time. We were both pretty exhausted because we didn’t get very much sleep on the plane. After a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam, I started to demonstrate some narcolepsy-like symptoms when the lack of sleep caught up with me. Every time I sat down, I fell asleep. Marko tells me that the flight from Amsterdam to Venice was 1 1/2 hours but I was asleep for most of it.

We decided to take the 20 minute bus ride from the Venice airport so we could walk around Venice before bed. The water bus would have been a more direct route (right to our hotel) but it would have taken longer and it is covered so you can’t see any of the sights from the boat. The bus dropped us off at Piazzale Roma around 6:30 pm. It was a bit chilly and lightly raining. As it was getting dark, Marko and I tried to navigate the crazy maze of twisting streets and canals to find our hotel. One hour and a few wrong turns later, we found our hotel…thanks mostly to Marko’s GPS (although Marko would have you believe that it was all him).

Our room is small and it smells a bit funny but we were both happy to have showers and get some sleep.

Marko’s Notes:

I’ve been having some trouble with the blog and the posting of photos. I didn’t have a chance to take many, as it was nightfall by the time we reached Venice, but more photos will be coming!

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