Day 7: Cinque Terre: Corniglia & Vernazza


Cinque Terre treated us to a beautiful, clear day. We hiked towards the “mountain trail” and soon found a lower trail that cut across the hillside. The trail took us through vineyards, gardens and across the front steps of more isolated homes. We found ourselves completely alone with the exception of a few local homeowners gardening. We hiked from Riomaggiore to Corniglia and Vernazza, two of the villages that we had not yet seen. The vistas from the trails were spectacular! We approached each village from above with the aquamarine water as a backdrop for the brightly coloured buildings. The waves were quite large and Marko and I spent some time watching them crash against the cliffs and village marinas.

We took our time relaxing and taking photos in each village. We also enjoyed some calamari, cappuccino and gelato. Every now and then we heard melodic bells and chimes ringing from the village churches. We figured the festive tunes were likely related to Easter Sunday. During our meal in Vernazza, we met a couple from Texas who import Italian wines to the United States. They told us about renewing their wedding vows in Venice and gushed about their love of all things Italian. We also met an older Italian woman. She was so animated and expressive with her thick Italian accent that Marko and I couldn’t help smiling even after she left. Italians of all ages seem to be extremely lively and energetic. I’m sure they probably have espresso and cappuccino running though their veins.

After spending the day hiking and eating outside in the sun, we had a sleepy train ride back to Riomaggiore. Tomorrow we will leave Cinque Terre for an early train ride to Pisa and then Rome.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Amelie and Marko,

    You make a perfect combination of descriptive writing and stunning photos. I’m surprise you find the time but I must say that selfishly I’m happy that you do. Thank you for letting us share is such a fabulous adventure.


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