Day 8: Pisa & Rome

Cathedral and Tower

The Arno river and surrounding buildings looked beautiful in the morning sunlight as we walked through Pisa toward the tower. When we arrived at the sight of the tower, there were very few people so we immediately bought a ticket to climb up. The tilt of the tower was far more obvious from the outside then I had expected. While climbing to the top, you could see deep grooves due to foot traffic in each of the smooth marble stairs. As we walked up the spiral staircase, we could feel the tilt. It was a strange, disorienting feeling because you could feel yourself going up and down, while spiraling up the staircase. We took a quick look at the other buildings in the area and continued on the train to Rome.

We arrived in Rome in the late afternoon. After checking into our hotel, we walked over to St. Peter’s square a few blocks away. We were immediately impressed by the giant columns that surround the whole square. The square itself was quite busy with foreign tourists and Italians alike visiting for Easter Monday.

After the long travel day, we headed back to our hotel early to get some rest. On the way back, we thought it would be nice to take a shortcut through a park surrounding the Castle Sant’ Angelo. Our short cut turned into a detour when we ended up in the grassy moat surrounding the castle. We had to walk in a complete circle to escape the moat the same way we got in.

We will continue to explore Rome tomorrow.

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  1. Anna says:

    Oh!! I’m so jealous and so happy that you are doing this while you are young. It is much easier to see the world when you are young and have the strength and energy.
    Your pictures are beautiful. I’m really enjoying them.
    Please be careful and safe.

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