Day 12: Amalfi Coast


What a spectacular day! We couldn’t have asked for better weather to drive along the Amalfi coast. We were expecting rain which made it that much sweeter! Today we spent the day in Positano, Amalfi and some of the smaller villages along the Amalfi coast. It was such a beautiful trip! We bought a 24 hour ticket for the bus, which allowed us to get on and off in various towns all day.

The main road along the Amalfi coast twists and turns high above the bright blue sea below. There are rugged cliffs, spires and caves scattered among homes and citrus orchards. We could see small islands, peninsulas and land outcroppings all along the route. The drive was a pretty harrowing experience. There were overhanging cliffs on one side of the road and a sheer drop down to the sea on the other. With hair-pin turns and a relatively large bus, we had to squeeze past other buses with rear view mirrors just barley grazing each other. The bus driver would honk his horn to stop traffic coming in the opposite direction so that we could pass on the turns.

Every town had a spectacular view. I had fun wading in the water and collecting smooth pieces of tile from the beach in Positano. After stopping in Amalfi for some food and views, we headed up to Ravello, a smaller community about 7 km from Amalfi. Because we didn’t know how to get there, we took a bus. The bus was quite crowed with school children and made frequent stops.

Ravello was quiet and felt much less touristy than Amalfi. While there, we found a trail marked “Amalfi” with an arrow. We decided to try the trail to get back, rather than taking the bus. The trail was quite similar to those we used in Cinque Terre. There were many, many steps and it crossed through orchards and private homes. We had the trail all to ourselves aside for a few locals.

Written by Amelie

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