Day 14: A sunny Venice

Grant Canal

Most of today was spent travelling. We set out extremely early from Sorrento so we could make it to Naples in time to catch the high speed train to Venice. Going between 200 and 300 km/hour, the train was able to get us to Venice in only 4 hours with some stops along the way. Generally speaking, the high speed trains have been comfortable and clean; we were even able to get wireless internet for only 1 cent. Given the early start, I decided to buy some “coffee” on the train. It was the thickest, darkest, most bitter espresso shot on the planet. Even with sugar, I had to force it down.

The trip back to Venice was necessary given that we are flying out of here on Tuesday.
We are both happy to have the opportunity to get back to Venice, especially since we arrived to bright, sunny weather. The views of Venice were even more charming today than the first time around because the sun was sparking on the water and reflecting the colours of the buildings. More plants and trees seem to have blossomed after only 2 weeks. This time, we booked a hotel in the Santa Croce neighbourhood so that we could get the feel of a different Venetian community. It also provides easy access to the train station. Tomorrow we will wander around Venice at a relaxed pace and move to our last hotel (which we chose because of it’s close proximity to the airport).

Written by Amelie

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