Day 15: Final Day in Italy


Our final day in Italy started off slow. I wanted make sure Amelie and I got good seats on the flight home, so I woke up early to check-in online. Unfortunately, a mix-up between KLM and its partner, Delta, resulted in some errors that prevented us from checking in. I spent sometime on the phone with KLM and Delta agents trying to sort out the problem. By the time it was all resolved, it was already mid-morning.

Amelie and I didn’t have anything in particularly we wanted to do, so we just walked around through streets and neighborhoods that we had not seen before. Venice has a total of seven neighborhoods; Cannaregio, Castello, Santa Croce, San Polo, San Marco, Dorsoduro and Giudecca. The only one we didn’t get to is the latter. It is the only one not connected by a bridge.

In the late afternoon we made our way to Tessera. It is an area just outside of Venice, near the airport. It’s here where we booked our final stay, in order to make the 6:40 am flight home. A transit trike made it a little more complicated getting here, but once the services resumed, it was just a matter of figuring out the bus we needed to take and when we needed to get off. Once again, the handheld GPS was very helpful.

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