Italy was a different trip for me in many ways. It was my first time returning to Europe, since my family left Serbia in 1990. Many little things reminded me of when I was growing up. It was Amelie’s first time visiting Europe, but most likely not the last.

I really enjoyed the pizzas, spicy sausages, fresh bread and gelatos. Twice I had a pizza with thinly sliced potatoes and sausage. Double the carbs, double the fun! I’ve noticed the Italians love their sweets. Many of the places we stayed at would serve things like cake, pie and chocolate croissants for breakfast! I found it hard to have sweets for breakfast, but enjoyed them in the afternoons and evenings.

It’s hard to pick a favorite place we visited. Cinque Terre stands out, as does the Amalfi coast and Capri, for their natural and coastal beauty. Venice was our favorite city and Florence was a pleasant surprise. We wished we had a bit more time in Siena and the Tuscan countryside. The ruins of Pompeii were best for taking us back in time.

We walked a lot, up and down many steps and across countless bridges. Where we couldn’t walk, we took trains, buses and boats. Here are some statistics:

Trains: 16
Buses: 9
Boats: 4

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